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I specialize in fashion magazine style beauty portraits for women of all ages and high school seniors. It's my goal to make every woman and girl to feel beautiful and fearless. 
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Beautiful, Fearless, Woman.

As a woman in her 30's, I thought about how few photos I have of myself that weren't just on my wedding day. I decided that as women, we deserve to have beautiful pictures of ourselves, that live in physical form and not locked away on a phone or on a computer. It's time to have gorgeous photos of ourselves printed for all generations to love and cherish. 

That's when Beautiful, Fearless, Woman was born. 

Beautiful, Fearless, Woman is about ...
being confident at any age,
showing off your grace & elegance and celebrating being a Woman!

Every Woman deserves to have beautiful photographs of themselves!

Same Day Transformations of Real
Beautiful, Fearless, Women

When was the last time you treated yourself to a day of luxury and pampering?

My name is Jamie Gladden.
I'm a portrait photographer in the great city of Austin, Texas.

My Beliefs:

I believe portraits should be an experience and a wonderful memory, not just a photo session. My GOAL is to capture your beautiful personality and essence, while giving you your dream picture experience. You can expect that I will spend quality time with you before and after your session, giving you the photo session you deserve. I want all the ladies I photograph to leave feeling confident and knowing their true value and worth. So if you crave an experience and want luxurious, one of a kind products, you’ve come to the right place. 

My Quirks:

  • I will always be a Baylor Bear at heart. Sic ’em! I graduated with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Photography. 
  • I'm super shy, but genuinely care for people. My awkward yet quirky personality is my greatest quality.
  • I'm really funny, but sometimes I'm really funny five minutes after the conversation happened. 
  • I am married to a wonderful man. He’s my warrior and makes me furniture. He's also a huge Star Wars fan.
  • I love sunflowers - and thankfully my amazing husband brings gorgeous ones all the time; and dark chocolate too!


The Fearless Session

The Fearless Session retainer fee is $450, + TX sales tax.

The Fearless Session retainer fee includes your photo session, professional hair and makeup, your in home wardrobe styling, and access to my fashion and accessories closet. Images and prints are sold separately. Each print contains a full resolution, full retouched digital image.

Want to know more?


Every woman should have beautiful pictures of themselves printed and displayed on the wall!

 Reveal Wall Picture

How gorgeous is Kelly's Reveal Wall?
Now imagine seeing this of YOURSELF!

Still unsure about taking the risk?
Don't let these common fears rule you...


Click on your excuse to see the reason why you shouldn't hide behind your excuses.

I'm not photogenic

I hear this all the time. And you know what - everyone is photogenic. You just haven't had the right photographer who is trained specifically in shaping and posing women. It's my job to make you look good, not the other way around.

I'm too old

Umm no. Every woman gets better looking with age, like a fine wine and you my friend are the best vintage wine. So what if you are in your 70's. Take a beautiful picture with your daughter and granddaughter. Let them have a beautiful memory of the three of you together looking fabulous. Or just show off that fact that 70 is the new 40. Show those 20 somethings who's boss. What about my wrinkles? I am a huge believer of true authentic beauty. Every client I do smooth out the skin a little bit but believe in preserving the way you truly are. Plus those wrinkles are just great memories; why would you want to remove that?

I can't afford it

I work with clients with all budgets, I take credit cards, and I do offer payment plans. I truly believe that every woman deserves to have beautiful portraits of themselves, so I will work with you to get the portraits you deserve.

I want to lose weight

Trust me when I say I will pose you and light you in a way that is so flattering you'll forget all about those few pounds. You will seriously look so jaw droppingly hot you won't even know what to do with yourself - especially you, new mama. This is the perfect time to get back to feeling like you again.

I've got this blemish

Umm hello - Photoshop. Don't you ever let a fear of a blemish, scar, skin condition, whatever blemish you have rule you. If there is something on your body that makes you uncomfortable just let me know and I can bibbidi bobbidi boo it away in Photoshop. Consider me your digital fairy godmother.

I've never done this

Being in front of the camera can be awkward. But I take the time to get to know you beforehand, so by the time of the photo session we are like old friends and it will just feel natural. Plus I'll show you the back of the camera so you can see how gorgeous you look. I take the time in every session to pose you just right and won't take the picture until it's practically perfect.


Are you out of excuses yet?

Treat yourself to a day of pampering and luxury. Truly see yourself transform into a Beautiful Fearless Woman and have the printed pictures to remember your experience. You truly won't regret it. Give yourself the ultimate gift, the power of beauty.

Take the risk. Be Fearless

Fill out the form below to schedule your free consultation now so we can set up your dream photo shoot. You are on your way to being a beautiful, fearless woman. I can't wait to hear from you!

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