Austin Texas Boho Fashion Portraits - Sophia

Meet Sophia

I had these amazing vintage boho dresses and had always wanted to play with the concept of a light boho goddess and a dark mysterious boho concept with a fashion twist and Sophia is was the perfect candidate. Sophia is the Director for the Austin Lady Viper team. Go cheer her and the team on!

First we started off with the light at my favorite place to capture the golden hour sunlight, Champion Park in Cedar Park.

Look 1: Angelic Light Boho Goddess

Then we channel Lana Del Rey, cause you know she’s fab.

And now a mini outfit change, with a vintage leather hat. I believe it’s handmade, but it wasn’t me. I picked it up at a vintage shop downtown Austin.


Look 2: Dark Boho Goddess

Now it’s time for the dark side. We had a makeup change to darken up the look but still keep it fashion and edgy.

This hair shot is probably my favorite shot I’ve ever taken!

The light here was perfect!!

Look 3 - Dark & Mysterious:

Next to officially go “dark and mysterious” the next in this series are in black and white. The haze over the images was used with a black feather placed over my lens to create the effect in camera. I love it.

Sophia you are truly a boho goddess. I had so much fun.