Austin Texas College Senior Photographer - Andrea - St. Edwards

Meet Andrea.

Andrea is a college senior at St. Edwards University and she is also an amazing singer. You can go check out her cool EDM vibe over at Soundcloud. I’m totally jamming out to it right now as I write this blog post. We wanted to go for a more editorial photo session and we totally rocked it.

One of Andrea’s favorite’s singers is Lana Del Rey and she wanted a giant flower crown for her session. So I hand crafted it for her. Do you feel the Lana?

Photographs of Outfit 1:

Photographs of Outfit 2: The Editorial White Wig

When someone tells a photographer they want to rock a wig on their session, the little child inside them screams “eeeeeeeeeeeeee” with excitement. I am so in love with these images. The purse is a part of the Fashion Closet. It is actually made from bubblegum wrappers and my uncle bought it for me at Bryant Park in NYC. Fabulous!

Doesn’t this look a purse ad? LOVE!

Photographs of Outfit 3:

For our last look we went for a more natural look since the rest of the session was so editorial.

Andrea you are so stunning and I can’t wait to say one day that I photographed a famous singer!