Austin Texas Fashion Photographs - Liana

Liana is a fitness model. She wanted to do a fashion/beauty editorial with a hair wrap. We had so much fun despite the fact it was sooo incredibly hot outside.

  • Fashion Concept: Lace & Shadows

  • Main Fashion Focus: Pink Hair Wrap

Liana suggested the place we meet and it was a hike to get to but well worth it. We went to a place called Secret Beach off of a park on S. Riverside drive. And I practically died from the hike – I am so not in shape, But I Love love love the results.

This gold shoulder jewelry piece is one of mine and I just love how it complimented her look. I love how unique the hair wrap makes these images. They are so editorial, yet so simple and fierce at the same time.

Next we wanted to play with shadows to create some unique effects. So we did two things, first Liana went between some trees and had the leaves cast a shadow on her face. Then, I had her place a piece of lace in front of her face and the design of the lace made the shadows on her face.

Love love love how gorgeous these are. Liana you make the hair wrap look fabulous.