Austin Texas Headshot Photographer - Amy

My photographer friend Amy at Elizabeth Birdsong Photography decided to trade photos so we can both have great headshot for our websites.

So we went down to S. Congress and traded photos. She’d take mine at the same location, and I’d take hers. What’s funny is we both showed up in practically the same outfit, except she wore black and I wore white. Ha.

These first ones are by the St Louis Hotel.

Next location was next to Perla’s restaurant and the light was so pretty there. Since we are photographers it’s totes important for us to have pics with our camera’s. Amy does weddings and she loves her massive 70-200mm lens. That thing is seriously heavy.

Then we went over by Feathers boutique and took some pictures on the other side of the store.

Then we took some pictures in front of the big blue wall. I love these.

Then found a little stair way. Amy seriously carries a ton of camera’s.

headshot of a girl with a camera sitting on steps

Then we stopped traffic and jumped. Cause duh.

headshot of girl with camera jumping in the street on south congress