Austin Texas Headshot Photographer - My Headshots

It’s time for me to get in front of the camera. My friend Amy at Elizabeth Birdsong weddings and I traded headshots of each other. It was such a fun time. Here are my headshots that Amy took of me. I’ll admit being in front of the camera is super weird – especially when I’m used to controlling it. But working with someone you trust is crucial to any photo session. I trusted Amy and she trusted me to make her look flattering and vice versa.

Location 1:

These first headshots are at the St. Louis hotel. I love the green here. It contrasts with my white so well. This look really sums me up. I love love love white lacy things. And side note – this white kimono is available in my Fashion Closet. Its perfect for adding that soft girly look to any outfit.

That smile though :)

Next stop over by Perla’s restaurant.

I’m such a dork. Amy did a fantastic job of capturing my essence. This is seriously one of my favorite pictures of myself ever.

Oh you know – just casually walking on a bench. Like a boss!

Side note – my husband made that watch for me. Isn’t it pretty!

We had people looking at us strange. She’d take a few pictures of me, then we trade places and I’d take a few pictures of her. Onlookers were like what are they doing? Hilarious!

Next stop with the Instax camera in front of Feather’s.

Side note – Feathers is one of my favorite places in Austin to shop.

Quick – Last second possible headshot time:

And traffic stopping time.

Thanks Amy. I love my headshots.