Austin, Texas Senior Pictures - Ana - Leander High

It’s time for Ana’s urban senior portraits. Ana is a sophomore at Leander High and is absolutely FLAWLESS. We were going for a casual cool look mixed with some casual urban street fashion for this photo session. And I think we achieved just that.

Photos of Outfit 1:

We went to this beautiful tile wall, downtown Austin, and had a blast playing around with the gorgeous light. All of the haze/flair was achieved in camera – no Photoshop. Amazing what a camera can do.

Behind the scenes pro photo tip: To achieve the flair/haze I used a prism and put it in front of my lens to create the white rainbow effect like the photo below. The purple haze was created by putting a purple pen in front of the lens. Yes a purple pen.


Seriously? Ana your photos are lovely.

Photos of Outfit 2:

Then we crossed the street and took some photographs in front of some random buildings. It was a ton of fun!

Behind the scenes info: We totally just threw the striped shirt on over her dress.

Photos of Outfit 3:

Then Ana graciously modeled some crochet pieces a friend of mine made. Super fun and creative way to show off personality.

Love personality shots. They are my favorite.

I like to end each Fearless Session with some dancing and twirling. Cause every girl needs a picture dancing in the street.