Austin Texas College Senior Portraits - Anupi

Meet Anupi, 

Anupi is a college senior at the University of Texas. You might just catch her working as a makeup artist, a DJ at night, and also working at a fabulous clothing store at the Domain. Jealous!

We went to my favorite place - Champion Park and of course the light was stunning.

Portraits of Look 1

Oh sunflare how I love you!

Like seriously - Anupi - these are amazing.

Portraits of Look 2:

I love love love these sets of photos. That floral romper is just to die for. It compliments the green in the grass so well.

Next we moved over a little bit to get a bit of that warm golden sunset. Doesn't she just look like she's straight out of a magazine? That winged eye liner though!

Portraits of Outfit 3:

Here we had some fun with my flash. I put it off to the side and put some colored gel on it after the sun had gone down. It creates this beautiful hazy look with interesting tones. It was so fun playing around.

At one point I had my flash light on my phone  and had to point it on Anupi to get my camera to focus - it was that dark outside. But we managed to get a few good images in. 

That's all for now!