Graffiti Photographs - Downtown Austin

My whole life I've always been interested and fascinated with graffiti art. I love how unique each piece is and how amazingly - did I just make up a word there? - talented some of these artists are. One of my new favorite things to do here in Austin, is to take pictures of all the cool graffiti. So my husband and I decided to go on "Adventures Day's" and walk around the city photographing and discovering the famous and not so famous works of graffiti.

After 2017 is up I plan on putting together a free map of all the Austin Graffiti to use a guide for tourists and for locals who want something fun, free and Austin to do on the weekends.

Round 1 - Graffiti pictures of downtown Austin.
Eight Street Mural Project. Eighth & Congress.

My favorite is the bridge one. To me it looks like an old creepy castle but when you look close its the Frost Tower building and Congress bridge.

Round 2: Famous Landmarks - Angelina Eberly, known as “The Savior of Austin.”

I first found out about Angelina while doing the Duck Tour with a friend visiting in town. Yes I totally made myself a tourist but I learned a ton. I'm a huge history nerd and love learning about little things that happened in history that might not be main stream. 

Angelina Eberly saved Austin by stopping Sam Houston from declaring that Austin was no longer the capital of Texas. One night she fired a canon (the statue memorial is marking the exact spot) onto Sam Houston and his men trying to take the archive records and move them to another city. She fired a six pound canonball into the side of the Land Office building and inevitably woke up residents. The residents were able to follow the men stealing the archive records and save Austin as we know it. There's a detailed account of this on the Downtown Austin Blog if you want to know more.

Side note - I love this landmark sign. Does anyone else notice the genie lamp? I tried to rub it but sadly the genie must have moved on because I didn't get my three wishes.

Round 3: 'til death do us part by Federico Archuleta
5th & Congress

This is one of the more iconic graffiti art in Austin. Many couples come here for their edgy engagement photos. One of the newer additions is this Smile Now, Cry Later piece. I think that's great life advice. Do what you can now and do what you think is best, and then only deal with the negative if or when it happens. Love it.

Round 4: Architecture on Congress Ave

I've always loved the mix of modern glass and old historic buildings like this one below. The juxtaposition of glass and old bricks is just so pretty. I for one am glad the historic society keeps the buildings fuctioning for future generations to enjoy.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed your little history lesson and something a little different for your day.