Top Colors for Spring 2017 - Austin Texas Portrait Photographer


The top colors for Spring 2017 have a beach vibe to them. Perfect for Spring Break.

Get picture perfect looks with these colors. Feel free to mix and match as all of these colors mix effortlessly together.

Color 1: Coral and Yellow

Yellow and Coral are a great mix of colors to pair together. If you are going to the beach this spring break with your besties, have each of you wear a separate color. It will create a cohesive look for when you obvi take amazing Instagram worthy pictures together. Lace and hats and the beach = picture perfection.


Color 2: Bright Green

Bright Green is perfect for the beach. It will make you stand out and be the center of attention. Bonus points for finding a yellow wall to take pictures on. The colors mix so well together - and hey Green and Gold are Baylor's colors - that's where I went to college. Sic 'em!


Color 3: Bright Pink

Spring break is the perfect time to go bold with some temporary hair dye. With a bright pink color just on the tips or as an ombre effect you can't go wrong. Just make sure to take a bunch of pics before the color fades. Wanna know how to get this epic hair toss? Well one, it takes a bazillion tries. But If you stand with your hair over your head and put your hands on your knees then slowly move upward with your body if will flip out. Just make sure to remember to keep your eyes closed and a smile of your pretty face. Enjoy!


Color 4: Dark Blue

Dark Blue is for the girl who doesn't want to stand out and be the center of attention. Raises hand here! Dark blue is a classic color that always works and can make you look effortless and really maximize the beach vibe. Make sure when you take pics to have some sand in the picture - that way the color will stand out more.


Color 5: Sand

If you want to go for a subtle look, sand is definitely that. I don't really recommend wearing a sand colored outfit to the beach. Um hello - blend in much? But you can pair your outfit with a gorgeous straw hat and a bold color and be the fashionista at the beach.


Here's to having a Stylish Spring Break!